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Friends of The Shul Band

Lisa Hart (Vocals)
Lisa has been singing with Adam Feder for 20 years. She is the Friday night vocalist with The Shul Band at The Shul of New York. A lifelong folk-rock and R&B singer, Lisa is a great friend of The Shul Band.

Howard Freund (Clarinet and Soprano Sax)
The amazingly talented Howard Freund is a regular player and woodwind sub in The Shul Band. The son of a band leader, Howard makes The Shul Band horn section into a horn section. Howard is a gifted player and a mensch and we love him!

The Villalobos Brothers
The Shul Band’s musical partners and allies extraordinaire!  Ernesto’s brothers Alberto, Luis, and Humberto are like family and are regular additions to The Shul Band and The Shul of New York events!

Rabbi Eva Sax Bolder
The Rabbi of The Shul of New York.  We love playing/praying with Rabbi Eva on the first and third Friday night of every month at The Shul of New York.

Rabbi Burt Siegel EMERITIS
Many a melody were created in Rabbi Burt’s presence.  Rabbi Burt was an inspiration for the genesis of The Shul Band and remains a great friend of The Shul Band.

Rabbi Matt Reimer
Rabbi Matt. Rabbi of Temple Sinai New Orleans ( will always have a special place in The Shul Band.

Hannah Sloane Barton
Amazing vocalist/soloist. Now lives in Portland, Oregon.

Sabrina Lastman
Jazz vocalist/soloist and virtuoso. Sabrina grew up in Uruguay, studied music in Jerusalem, and helped to forge a connection to Sephardic music for the Shul Band.

Rebecca Bellingham
Wonderful vocalist/soloist. Now residing on the West Coast. Rebecca come home!

Joel Arnow
Groovy drummer, great guy!

Lilly Lavner
Vocalist from the early years of The Shul Band and always a great friend.

Adam Seidman
Once tried to shave Ernesto's back while he was sleeping.



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